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i found this site and i thought i would share what my destiny number ....

The major path your soul must follow, important attitudes and aspects you must master in your encounters with people,situations, and circumstances if you are to be in harmony with the Universe and find ultimate personal fulfillment.
Your 11 Destiny demands star quality of the finest order. It is one of creative genius. The rhythm is right for you to become an inspiration on a universal level. The highest forms of artistic creation and invention are within your reach. The world spotlight could be yours.

In order to meet this supercharged Destiny, you must become the idealist supreme. You must develop your mind and your sensibilities to a genius level. The perceptions and revelations that pass through and take form in your superior being are the open end to the future. You can potentially change the consciousness of all of humanity and set a new direction in the history of art and ideas. Fulfillment for you lies in the development of a highly specialized artistic sense. You must work within art forms, and frequently in two media at the same time. You must never swerve form your personal concept of ideal beauty. Explore all areas of art, philosophy, and mysticism. Search for new truths beyond the accepted realities. Trust your intuition and do not be afraid to explore any avenue that will expand your psychic and artistic sensitivities. Your developed powers will take you far beyond the limitations of ordinary minds and into the highest areas of universal intelligence where unique personal visions and revelations will flash into your consciousness. It is then up to you to share your dreams of perfection with the world and illuminate a new path.

The ordinary and practical aspects of life are not in harmony with your 11 Destiny. But you must find a practical balance through association with others. You must find a means of projecting your inspired views. Ideas are not sufficient in themselves. You will not succeed alone. Persons with highly developed efficient and practical minds, coupled with an artistic awareness and an ability to accept your advanced concepts, should be sought out. Associate and cultivate people of the finest artistic and humanitarian achievement---people who have inspired others and will inspire you.

Maintaining equilibrium with your 11 Destiny is extremely difficult. You must exist on the delicate balance between reality and your fantasy, which you hope to become a future reality. You will be exposed to many things, and the most powerfully destructive forces will attract you, as well as those that are potentially constructive. Your mind will not see life in its accepted polarities, and there will be constant inner struggle between what you believe to be perfection and perversity. There will be times when there will be as many outraged persons wanting to knock you off your feet as persons inspired to place laurels. Notoriety and fame are equal partners, but fame can come to you if your goal is inspiring others with your brilliance.

Famous names with 11/2 Destiny
Diana Ross, March 26, 1944
Jacqueline Onassis, July 28, 1929
Stavros Niarchos, July 3, 1909
Lady Bird Johnson, December 22, 1912
Richard Burton, November 10, 1925
Louisiana Visconti, November 2, 1906
Jean Paul Getty, December 15, 1892
Norman Mailer, January 31, 1923
Peter Fonda, February 23, 1939
John Glenn, July 18, 1921
Prince Charles, November 14, 1948
Princess Anne, August 15, 1950
Cecil Beaton, January 14, 1904
Thomas Wommack, January 23, 1940
Julie Andrews, October 1, 1935
Katharine Hepburn, November 8, 1909
Ronald Reagan, February 6, 1911
Rita Hayworth, October 8, 1919
Bob Hope, May 29, 1903
Dr. Benjamin Spock, May 2, 1903
John Huston, August 5, 1906
Henry Kissinger, May 27, 1923
John O’Hara, January 31, 1905
Stephen Sondheim, March 22, 1930
Jack Kerouac, March 12, 1922
Betty Grable, December 18,. 1916
Barbara Hutton, November 14, 1912
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